Outdoor Ventures provides advanced river skills for the professional river guide in our guide school. Learn to read water, run rivers safely and confidently in whitewater dories, driftboats, paddle rafts, gear boats, catarafts and even inflatable kayaks. We specialize in one on one rowing and paddle training for the individual.



Outdoor Ventures is dedicated to teaching you advanced river guiding skills and minimum risk travel on the water.

The modern river guiding environment requires a high degree of performance and professionalism from you, the river guide. Being aware of your river skills, abilities and confident in them when needed on the river is a very important element we stress in forming your boating skills into “guide material.”

The river skills you learn with Outdoor Ventures form a foundation of good habits & techniques that can keep you and your guests safe while on the river.

Our training syllabus is performance based and designed to accommodate any level of boating skill you wish to acquire.


  • Terms and Phrases
  • Principles and Ethics
  • Management and Regulations
  • Trip Dynamics & Float Planning
  • Craft & Systems Inspections
  • Craft Equipment Use & Limitations
  • Hull Weight & Balance
  • Launching & Landing Practices
  • Reading Water
  • Formula Maneuvering™
  • Recognizing Elements of Threat
  • Minimum Risk Travel Strategies™
  • Safety Response Procedures

Following our in depth river training syllabus ensures that you receive all the training necessary in a complete, efficient and thorough manner.

Our instructors have over 50 years combined experience running rivers, guiding and fishing as well as have been trained in the fundamentals of instruction.

When learning a new skill, it is imperative that your Instructors are well versed in proper teaching techniques. Knowing how to row a boat or tie a knot is only part of the skills a teacher must have. Delivering the new skill to the student in an efficient, thorough, clear manner is a key element in your training.

Your guide program is customized to your individual needs. Whether it be a summer paddle raft guide, year around salmon, trout and steelhead guide, or a diversified outfitter, Outdoor Ventures has helped many river people toward their goals.

We can train you in a variety of river craft ranging from inflatable paddle boats, gear boats, catarafts, driftboats, whitewater dories and even inflatable kayaks.

Driftboats and Dories are our specialty! Outdoor Ventures provides advanced rowing skills to safely run your boat.

The use of your own boat is also recommended, since that is the one you will be using on the water.

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The Outdoor Ventures registry is the standard that our training programs are based on. The registry documents your performance on the water.

Although not required by any regulatory agency, this testing standard of your own boating skills and proficiency will benefit you when seeking employment and/or licensing in most states.

Visit the Oregon State Marine Board website and Requirements for Guides at: www.boatoregon.com

Guides will especially benefit from the registry providing you with a bonafide portfolio of your professionalism and proficiency on the water.

Registry with Outdoor Ventures may also entitle you to “preferred status” with insurance providers.

Contemplating how and why.

Guide training prepares you to accomodate all types of weather, water and people.

William Blair critiquing one of our guide students on rock avoidance.


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